By utilizing the latest technology and the fastest infrastructure available, Indesign Firm can help you bring your streaming media to life, LITERALLY.

We offer both live streaming and on demand streaming of almost every content type you can imagine. By utilizing our encoding infrastructure, you can send one video and have it prepared for every device and made available for all devices from our streaming infrastructure in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of days.

Don’t bombard your customers with advertisements for your competition, like the other free streaming providers do. Show your video, on your website, with your logo and your information. No one elses!

In conjunction with our partner company Genesis Studios, we can even help you to design, produce, record, edit, and prepare your video for posting directly to your website. This turnkey platform that we have created is simply not available by any other company in Columbia. We have two full production studios and all the professional equipment needed to make it happen faster than anyone else.

Consider using streaming media for an introduction to your company, a monthly update for you’re out of office staff, training for new employees, or even to get your message out to the public and potential customers. Nothing can convey your message better than the power of a customer watching and hearing the information about your company!