Indesign Firm utilizes a mix of dedicated and cloud hosting environments.  This allows us to host your website in the fastest and most efficient manner available.  Your site is never on a single crowded server with thousands of other websites that will slow it down and make it go offline.  If you’ve ever hosted with one of our competitors, you’ve probably experienced this problem before.  The average load time of any one of our servers is under 1 second.

We utilize Rackspace and Amazon managed services to provide your website with a geographically diverse environment.  This ensures maximum uptime, maximum network bandwidth, and minimum network bottlenecks.  We utilize Rackspace’s Cloud DNS to insure from start to finish your website and all it’s paths and connections are reliable, efficient, and blazing fast.

Hosting plans starting as small as $14.95 a month allow us to host your website on a world class system without a world class cost.