InDesign Firm was founded in 1999 by Douglas Adam.  Since its inception, the company has had the opportunity to work with an eclectic client base. Clients ranging from The City of Columbia to Coach Holtz and from Parker Rigging to Musician Supply pack our firm’s portfolio.

Douglas received his bachelors degree in graphic design from The University of South Carolina while building our company.   His primary background is in corporate identity, web & print design, and interface development.  He has worked on projects that require his creative skill to build the identity of a company. Doug’s interface design skills fit in perfectly with the company’s application development marketplace. His ability to make an application user friendly and easy to navigate helps companies’ to keep their training time and transition time to the new application at a minimum. This time saved helps to save companies money in their application development process.

In, 2004 Bobby Bush joined the InDesign Firm as application development director.  He comes from a background of web based application development, network management, and database design and management.  He has designed networks for Gold’s Gym Columbia, Nuway Industrial Services, and written ground breaking management applications that help companies to stay in touch with their business.  Everything from E-commerce applications, content management systems, and database design to database integration, process management, and database imaging, he leaves no stone unturned that may improve the flow and processes of a companies’ application infrastructure.