SEO is all about that blog, bout that blog, not just pages…

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A blog is an extremely important part of a company’s marketing strategy that most companies miss out on. Here at Indesign Firm, we are constantly telling our customers how extremely important that it is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Often we forget to update our own blog. We understand that it’s something that is very easy to overlook. You get busy, the dog eats your homework, a customer wants two for the price of one, and your day turns into an entire day of putting out fires.

“SEO Experts” also sometimes known as witch doctors in our industry, will sometimes tell you that they can get you on the front page of Google for $250 a month. We don’t tell our customers this because we have yet to see this happen. Today my goal is to answer the question of why!

Google has spent many years perfecting their algorithm. In fact, they’re so good at what they do, they’ve built an entire company around it. They’ve even gone as far as to patent that algorithm. Anyone who tells you they can find a way around this for a “small monthly fee” is either misleading you or misleading themselves.

Google’s current algorithm (yes, it changes every few years) ranks your website on many criteria. The most important criteria being that your company is an industry leader. Google has determined over the years that when someone is searching for a phrase, such as “website developer”, that person is most likely looking for a well-established website developer in their area. (Industry Leader)

SEO wants to know

Are you an industry leader?

The way Google determines if your company is an industry leader for a particular topic is through their algorithm. They scan your website, all the content on your website, then they weigh that content against some of the following questions:

  1. Is your content being updated frequently?
  2. Are you engaging people via social media?
  3. Is your content about current trends in your industry?
  4. Are you educating people about the industry and how it’s changing?
  5. Is your website easy to view on different devices, such as desktop & mobile?
  6. Are you taking the time out to not just “sell” your customer a service/product, but help them to truly benefit from your service/product?

By blogging on your website frequently, you’re establishing a pattern to Google and other search engines that you want to educate the people. Once you’ve written this content, remember to share it on Social Media! When someone clicks on a link to your website, Google is looking for a few things:

  1. Was the content relevant?
  2. Did the person spend time on your website?
  3. Did the person look at more than one page on your website?

Not only are you educating others, you’re showing Google the information was interesting/relevant enough that people came to your website to read it.

Can SEO be free?

Most websites these days have the option for blogging built right in. If you’re  on our Managed WordPress Platform, just ask! We can activate your blog for you. (Hint Hint, it’s FREE) If you’re unsure of how to blog, what to blog, when to blog, how to share it on social media, etc. We can help you with that too! Blogging about your industry once or twice a week will almost always outperform keyword marketing, backlinking, forward linking and so many other SEO strategies.

Good content will help Google to identify your company as an industry leader and an educator for your industry. This will cause them to rank your website higher than your competitors who aren’t producing content. This is known as organic search traffic. (Also FREE)

With all of this said, we hope that every company finds their website easy to use and their hosting company willing to educate them on how to properly use their website. If you have questions about your website we hope that you’ll consider giving us a call.

Today’s inspiration comes from a song by Meghan Trainor called “All About That Bass”.